Why roaming in the distance? The best things are nearly by...

Words, which got a completely new relevance this year. Panic buying an empty shelves underlined local providers' importance.

This year, everything is being different. All the parties are cancelled, even many annual celebrations, to which many employees have been looking forward. How about an alternative to thank your employees and collegues? How about if the employees are not coming to the party, but the party to the employees?

The perfect christmas surprise: A gift box full of local treats - the christmas party for home.Arranged individually and flexible in price. With our gift box you're not just doing the presentee something good, but even the local economy.

We're looking forward to assist you with your selection and arrange the right gift basket or box together with you.

For requests write a Mail or call us (0660 72 92 400).

Weihnachtsfeier in der Box